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TobiTalks- A Nursing Career Guide For Millennials

Feb 4, 2020

This nurse is on a mission to see nurses THRIVE! On the episode of TobiTalks, Cara shares her journey on becoming a pediatric oncology nurse to leading a Medical Concierge as the Director of Nursing. With barriers in healthcare affecting patient care, this nurse innovator developed a platform for empowered nurses...

Oct 15, 2019

On this Episode of TobiTalks, Deanna Cooper Gillingham shines a light on the role of an RN case manager. From advocating for patients in and outside the hospital walls, to building a resource platform to support future case managers, Deanna is helping nurses go beyond the bedside into the world of case management. 

Aug 27, 2019

On this episode of TobiTalks, Dr. Bonnie Clipper gives expert advice on how nurses can drive innovation in healthcare. From starting at the bedside to becoming the first Vice President of Innovation at the American Nurses Association, Dr.Clipper is the true definition of a boss as the thought leader for nursing Innovation.

Aug 13, 2019

On this episode of TobiTalks, Tobi talks about her summer hiatus and what you need to know when transitioning into a new nursing role. From bedside nursing to Corporate office healthcare, Tobi reveals the must knows when starting a new career journey! 

Jun 3, 2019

Nursing anesthesia education is expensive! Meet two nurses, Angie and Aisha who are in investing in CRNA students. On this episode of TobiTalks, the co-founders of the Ohanu and Allen Foundation are talking about scholarships giveaways and dropping deets on one of the liveliest professional meetups for...