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TobiTalks- A Nursing Career Guide For Millennials

Aug 30, 2018

TobiTalks will be LIVE at the Nurse CEO Success Summit Tech Hacker September 29th in LA! On this Conference & Network Edition, Tobi speaks with Lolita Korneagay the CEO of Korneagay Kollective Incorporated and Portia Wofford often coined "The Millennial Nurse" about how this conference will inspire nurses to think...

Aug 21, 2018

Can you imagine taking care of a patient 10,000 feet above sea level and going 120 miles per hour? I can't even function when the aircraft is landing, let alone save a life! On this episode of TobiTalks, Jennifer shares what nursing is all about in the air as a flight nurse. From the closet size space in the helicopters...

Aug 15, 2018

On this Special Edition episode of TobiTalks, Dr. Crystal Obih shares how her journey in nursing becomes the stepping stone to completing her dream to become a Medical Doctor. From the advice of her Nigerian mother to throwing down in the kitchen, this interview will leave you inspired and hungry! 

Aug 7, 2018

Let's talk about nurses that can put you to sleep in seconds, and I mean that literally! On this episode of TobiTalks, Fuchsia Angie shares with us, tips to becoming a CRNA. She discusses the challenges millennials face in the nursing field and how to be a bold patient advocate in OR.