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TobiTalks- A Nursing Career Guide For Millennials

Oct 31, 2018

If one on one care at the bedside can save a life, imagine what the impact of one nurse giving care to a community can do! On this episode of TobiTalks, Aaliyah shares how her role as a community health nurse helps advocate for the chronically ill population in Canada. From volunteering internationally to the political...

Oct 30, 2018

We all go through opposition and challenges in our nursing career, how you fight through it, is the key! On this episode of TobiTalks, Katie Duke shares how she dealt with opposition from the bedsite to becoming a social media influencer for nurses around the world.

Oct 29, 2018

When your body is the crime scene, you want a nurse to help collect and secure the evidence. On this episode of TobiTalks, 2 Sexual Assult Nurse Examiners, Sara and Charlene share what their roles entail. From advocating for sexual assault victims to spreading awareness about their field and so much more. 

Oct 28, 2018

It's all about Quality, not Quantity when it comes to Leadership! On this episode of TobiTalks, Sharon shares how she went Bedside nurse to Director of Nursing and how she using her leadership skills to inspire many to greatness! 

Oct 16, 2018

When taking your last breath can mean life or death, having a nurse by your side coordinating all your care needs can be a lifesaver. On this episode of TobiTalks, Latasha shares what life as a Lung Transplant Coordinator is all about. From the work schedule to career advancement, find out how this position is...